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January is the month for Transition

January is the time to start creating new and healthy habits to last a lifetime. So start small and smart. One thing you may want to try is to start cooking with Olive Oil. I use it for EVERYTHING: sauté, light frying and even baking. Olive Oil is a  Monounsaturated fat that is mainly Oleic Acid (73%) that assists with inflammation. This Vitamin E enriched oil also assists with reducing diabetes, Alzeimer's Disease and heart disease. Serving you in this new year of cooking would be my honor. I am available for Live & Virtual Cooking Classes along with Virtual Cooking & Wine Pairing Classes. I am always happy to cater your next intimate party.  You are welcome to go to my website: kathrynskuisine.com for a list of my new 2022 Winter & Spring Virtual Cooking & Wine Pairing Classes that can also be a private live class in the comfort of your own home.
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Kathryn Arceneaux

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My Philosophy

My goal is to create beautiful memories of conversation and laughter around your dining room table. I specialize in both catering and classes both are designed to meet your specific wants and needs.  Together we will fine tune arrangements to craft your special party and memories.

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